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the truth is...

you shouldn't care to know

4 December
write me a letter
and pour your
so that I may
reject you
for whatever
stupid reason
I may have.
stand before me
and ignore
my pleas
for you
to leave,
for the simple fact that
you're wasting
your time,
and you can
someone better
to love

May 1, 2005

Yes, my journal is friends only. Although, I do leave an entry here and there public, so you are free to friend me if you really are that bored. Want to be exclusive? Comment and I'll give you the lookover.

It's my journal.
I rant.
I rave.
I gloat.
I bitch.
I whine.
I gush.
I ramble on and on and on about a lot of randomness.
I'm outspoken.
If you're down with that, then I'm down with you.

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